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Our Remedy Farm family includes 9 alpacas, 1 llama, 7 chickens and a bunny. Both alpacas and llamas are in the camelid family and could be considered cousins. We have a herd of all males in the barn. Learn more about each of our babies below!




Trigger is our first born baby who we feel blessed to have since day one, we even helped assist during and after his birth in 2016 in Murphy, NC. He has an awesome personality and is very silly! He is always trying to nibble on everything and has no manners when you have apples in your hand! He has the squishiest nose ever, which is the best to boop.


Baby Gauge

Gauge is a truly beautiful Rose Gray Stud! His sweet eyes capture the hearts of all who meet him. He is the baby of our family, born in June of 2019, and is truly a lover boy! He enjoys snuggles and kisses from us, too! He is herdsire with incredible fleece and bloodlines available for stud services. He poses well for photos and is truly a visitor favorite to guests of all ages.

Gauge the Magnificent


Elliot is the grandpa and our one & only llama in our beloved herd. We initially wanted a llama to educate others about the difference between them and alpacas. We also thought it would be great to have a guardian for our alpaca boys. During quarantine, we saw a Facebook post about an older llama that was struggling a bit and in need of a home. We know the rest of his life, will be the BEST of his life at The Remedy Farm. He is such a sweetheart, he knows how to smile for selfies and gives the best hugs!!!! We are so blessed he found his way to his forever home with us. Three years later, he is now fattened up, healthy & happy as ever.

Everyone LOVES Mr. Elliot!!

Elliot the Llama


Spit Fire is the younger brother of Trigger, born to the same parents. He is an extremely handsome herdsire available for stud services. Spit Fire is a cuddle bug and has even taken an afternoon nap in our lap! He is a gentle boy and adorable in every way!

Spit Fire 


Echo can be described as tall, dark and oh so handsome! Everyone who visits compliments Echo on his striking beauty.  He has an epic mullet hair cut he has been growing for 3 + years. He is very shy though and likes to be admired from afar... unless you have apples!! That is the key to Echo's heart and the trick of getting close. He will gently take the apple slice right from your mouth...
nothing quite like an alpaca apple kiss!



Handsome truly lives up to his name and tends to be a farm favorite for all our visitors, especially children! He is friendly, curious, sweet and oh so good looking! He enjoys getting attention and apple treats. He is blind in his right eye, so we are always trying not to startle him from that side. It was severely injured during birth but it does not effect him in his day-to-day life. He is still the BOSS in the barn with his brothers and always on watch!

Handsome Devil


Valor joined our family with Monte from Murphy, NC. He is a shy guy, one of they "look, don't touch" alpaca personalities. Despite this, he does very well on a halter walking and visiting with others. He is a sweetie pie who loves to get a front row seat to the fan and will always get close to take lots of apple treats from visitors.



Buckshot was our wedding gift to each other as we purchased him while on our honeymoon stay at Cobb Creek Cabins in the mountains of NC. He is a petite alpaca and shows his adorable toothy smile at you all the time. He is a shy guy but very sweet and does well on a halter and taking selfies with guests. 



Chico joined the herd with Stubz at the end of 2021 when their owners were downsizing. We were recommended to them as a good home and they became unexpected wonderful additions to our herd. Chico has dark beautiful fiber and a feisty, protective personality. As time passes, he is settling into his forever home at Remedy Farm.



Stubz joined the herd with Chico at the end of 2021 when their owners were downsizing their farm. He has the best smile, showing off his perfectly straight bottom teeth. He is a sweet alpaca and very well trained on the halter.

Tigger "Stubz"


Sonny Bunny is a little bundle of joy! He is a very spoiled rabbit who found his way into our home and our hearts. He is a sweet boy who likes snuggles and loves his veggies!


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